Teacher Leadership

There are many moments I log onto Twitter, and some how 5 minutes turns into an hour or more. And this weekend was no exception. It provides me an ability to question, reflect, and push my practices to the next level for my students, and colleagues alike. Yet, it also comes to be a time in which I get a renewed sense of “passion” and “drive” for education.

Again, this weekend was no exception.

You can call me an “edu-nerd,” but I full-heartedly believe I was meant to be in this profession, so all topics of policy, advocation, teacher leadership, and STEM for higher student engagement are “hot topics” for discussion if you’re around. (I mean, what could be more pressing than discussing the differences between individualized, differentiated and personalized learning in a STEM classroom? Nothing, that’s right!)

I digress. Point being, this weekend on twitter brought such deep renewal in the concept of teacher empowerment and leadership (the “twitter sphere” was definitely calling) via three particular hashtags: #gesf, #TLConf15, and #coreadvocates.

Here’s what these three mean to society, all of our teachers and students:

1. We have so many truly remarkable, and passionate individuals in our field who desire no more than to progress the state of student learning and teacher empowerment! Goosebumps, y’all. (How does that not give you chills?)

2. It is a beautiful and miraculous concept to know that we are part of profession which stands up for so much that is right in CAKMoGnUMAAUQhs.png-largethis world. A progressive profession in which we choose each day to stand by our beliefs that every child, everyday, can (and will) achieve the extraordinary! In the words of Nancie Atwell, the recently named “Global Teacher Prize Winner” (think the “nobel” of teaching awards), “teaching is a privilege.” YES. And how remarkable that so many are privileged with this ability, and so many are choosing to act upon this privilege to better our students!

3. We have one of the most connected professions. (Now this is INCREDIBLE.) As I have had some downtime these past few days, I can not help but reflect as I filter through the above hashtags, wondering: “Is there more of a connected profession which is ALWAYS learning? Who else is tweeting, collaborating, and connecting late into the evenings? Who else sees all as players of the “same team,” progressing for ALL of society?” Let me know if you can think of any other profession. Otherwise, I vote Education = +1.

4. Teacher leadership can be one of THE most transformative movements within a classroom, school, state and global context! So how can we ensure such occurs for all players in the field? In the words of Arne Duncan this past weekend at the Teaching and Learning Conference, “if there is no seat at the table, make a new table.” This could not be more true as I have learned this past year.

Lets keep it real here for a moment: the best people to progress our profession are simply, TEACHERS. If we want to choose to improve our profession, to “move and shake it” to new realms, our teachers must feel empowered to own and advocate for their students, colleagues, and profession on all levels!

Now go check out those hashtags for so much more on literacy strategies, education on a global level, and teacher empowerment!



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