I am fortunate to have stumbled upon my passion, and to be living it each day: being a teacher. However, being a teacher is so much more than any single individual can describe. It is an embodiment, and one which I am deeply passionate about as it is so personal to me (particularly related to Public Education, but that is a story I will save for a later time.)

Due to this passion, I believe it is my duty to make sure the “narrative” of education is one that exemplifies all its facets, albeit a task that is extremely difficult, but worthy of chipping away at. My belief is that I can either choose to accept the public view of education, or I can choose to change it.

And so I choose the latter no matter the perception others may have. TEACHINGIS_typographyfigure

It is my duty not only for my profession, but for my students.

Therefore, I am honored and excited to take part in #teachingis this week, an initiative promoted by Brianna Crowley, an ASCD Emerging Leader via Teaching Quality. I encourage all educators to watch her video here: #teachingis.

So,  “What is your teaching story?” Invite others beyond your walls to participate. We CAN change the tone, but it is up to us to do so. As Brianna states, and as I so full-heartedly believe in, “lets start a conversation.”

Conversations CAN change things as it is the only thing that has…



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