Leaving your Comfort Zone

From One Teacher To Another

Leaving your Comfort Zone

Here is a question for all stakeholders involved in the realm of education: how many of you feel safe leaving your comfort zone?

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 8.36.29 PM

Before we dive into this topic, I ask you to reflect:

Each day, our hope is for students to risk more so as to learn more. And with such, as educators, we are to ensure the safety of our students, in all aspects of the learning environment, so they may pursue learning beyond their comfort zone. It is beyond this comfort zone, as displayed above, where “the magic happens!”

Yet, this then begs the question, is it truly a matter of ensuring safety for our students, or rather support?

The Double Standard 

Consider present strategies flooding the “modern” instructional realm. What do Genius Hour, MakerSpaces, Problem-Based Learning strategies all have in common?

Student ownership of the learning environment.

Through each strategy, a movement has occurred…

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