Shifting the Conversation

From One Teacher To Another

Yesterday was a difficult day in numerous ways, but more so as my sister opened our lunch conversation with the following:

“Why don’t more teachers show pride in the profession? It doesn’t seem as if we are a profession even in the eyes of teachers.” 


It was a legitimate question, and one which no doubt gets me to show an overtly passionate stream of emotions. What can I say? Some topics really do light a flame within me. And when prompted by Chris Crouch on the #aprilblogaday challenge to consider the question, “what is our most important professional responsibility beyond the classroom?” now is the perfect time to address why the above question/statement should matter to you (and should light a fire within you!)

Within these past two weeks, there have been statements made by educators that now is not the time to go into teaching. (Wait, come again?) Yet, there…

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