A Crash Course on this Site

…because teacher discourse in the staff lounge isn’t enough, why not blog about such discussions?

Alright, that may have made you cringe. However, in all seriousness, why not transform “teacher lounge” discussions? Ultimately, this site serves one purpose: to connect teachers and provide reviews on strategies, technological innovations, and the occasional thoughts of educational policy (come on, it is necessary, right?! Albeit, maybe not positive.)

This blog is a new creation from an older one I used through Blogger here (I know, shame on me for converting. WordPress has it going on though!)

So what gives me reason to blog? And to continue teacher lounge chatter? Especially considering I may only have single digit teaching years under my belt?

Here are the reasons:

1. Personal reflection on educational approaches including all the failures and risks can only help educators.

2. Reviews on Apps. and the endless-stream of technological advancements in education propel educators and students alike.

3. Sharing is a teachers best friend. Why not have an effective PLC and PLN?

4. Positive thoughts, and “I’ve been through that! Finally someone understands!” are comforting. (Or at least I think they are.)

5. And at the very least, what is better than a good classroom story that had you wondering, “why do educators not have their own comedy show?” (But really, why don’t they?)

Who am I?

I am a 7th Grade Science teacher in a low-income and high ESOL populated school. I am an educational enthusiast and reform-leader-researcher (self-made title, I know) wannabe, with a passion for all things athletic, artistic, and the outdoors. I thrive on challenges, innovation, and adventures in foreign lands. I enjoy a good Frappuccino, and pretend to have some inclination as to how to do yoga. I dream of having a library like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, I adore learning, and I am a firm believer in public education. If you need to know more, check the about.me here!

How to Use this Site

Feel free to join me in iConnect, where reviews will occur on trending Apps and educational technology. In addition, The Different(iated) Classroom will contain instructional strategies geared towards promoting a personalized education environment for students.

Now, may the teacher lounge chatter begin!


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